With a creative style of preaching and teaching, combined with authenticity and memorable illustrations, my sharing in venues such as churches, recovery programs, and camps continues to lead unbelievers to the Lord while challenging long-time Christians to live life to the full.

The Lord has gifted me as a mover and catalyst—I push the envelope with unbridled faith and creative ideas, while joyfully submitting to the team. I am a confident leader who constantly asks “why?” and enjoys laboring with others to uncover a unified plan of attack. I believe if we are to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples, we must do it out of Spirit-led imagination, balanced with Tradition-informed research, all executed with humility and courage.

Of course none of that would mean anything if I didn’t have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. At fifteen years old I was a depressed kid, leaning on drugs and alcohol while longing for someone to believe I had potential. Jesus pursued me, saved me, and gave me purpose. His anointing and call has led me to minister from remote Alaska to downtown Boston, and from Midwest churches to Belfast. I have made friends with House Church Pastors and Orthodox Priests alike. I love all types of people in all walks of life.

In addition to the Lord and my experiences, I stand upon the wisdom and examples of ministry mentors such as Dr. Wayne Schmidt, Rev Tony Myles, and Rev Phil Struckmeyer.


Prayed with 100+ people to receive Christ in small group settings

Planned/Led events for 500+ attendees

Managed 85+ volunteers

Created/Led Strategy Teams to develop and implement Assimilation and Discipleship Ministries

I am highly skilled in Creative Arts and Technology

Gifts and Abilities

Preaching & TeachingVision & LeadershipCreative Arts & DramaMedia & Technology

Quick Facts

  • I am married to the love of my life, Jess (2011)
  • I have one daughter, Jenness (2014)
  • I am an Ordained Pastor (Wesleyan Church)
  • I ride a Honda (Shadow VT1100)