Acts 1

The book of Acts is the second part of Luke’s Gospel. Luke write’s that his first work shared all that Jesus began to do and teach. In Acts, we read about all Jesus continued to do through His Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit. By studying Acts, we get back to our roots as God’s instrument of salvation in a lost and broken world!

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The Complete Love of God 1

The Complete Love of God is a standalone message about God's multifaceted love. He exemplifies the best of both men and women, fathers and mothers.

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Easter Logic 2

"Easter Logic" is the mindset of God which is often very different than our mindset. It is the way God looked at Jesus' Actions, Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion--as powerful, courageous, wise, and triumphant. When we begin to allow our perspective to align with God's perspective, we will be able to experience a new kind of life.

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Slave to Child 2

Slave to Child is a series focusing upon the second Soul Shift--The transition from serving God as slave to serving God as child. Suggested reading:

  • SoulShift by Steve DeNeff and David Drury
  • Slave to Child by Charles Bressler
  • The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning
  • The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning
  • He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen
  • From Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship by Jack Frost
  • Fathered by God by John Eldridge
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The New Life 1

The New Life is a message about Spiritual Formation.

If you've wondered how to personally grow in your relationship with God, this sermon is for you. If you're a long-time believer who feels they "just aren't getting fed", this sermon is for you. Part One of this message is an overview of Spiritual Formation, while Part Two discusses how to begin engaging in the practice.

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Christmas Accomplished 2

Christmas Accomplished is an extension of our Fall Series, The Grave Robber which focused on looking at Jesus through the lens of His miracles. This month we are focusing on the miracles of God the Father, His supernatural interventions to accomplish one thing—the salvation of mankind through the birth of His Son. You will see that our God will stop at nothing to redeem us.

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24 Hours That Changed the World 0

Based on the book by Adam Hamilton, this series draws on insights from history, archaeology, geography, and the Bible to provide a deeper understanding of the most amazing day in history.

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Roots: The Why of Worship 1

In this reflective message, I take us through some history of music in the local church and consider the purpose of various types of songs.

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A Life Worth Living 1

This standalone sermon draws from Matthew 24:36 - Matthew 25 to inspire and prepare graduation students (and the rest of us) to live a life worth living. You’ll consider:

  • Hearing and obeying God’s voice
  • Using your position and authority to serve others
  • The importance of a local church
  • How to invest your resources for God
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I am the True Vine 1

In this standalone message, consider the necessity of connecting to Jesus as the only true source of life.

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Living the Sermon on the Mount 4

The Sermon on the Mount was more than teaching, it was was the manifesto of a Divine Revolution. Listen to how Jesus turns the world upside down as we know it.

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The Grave Robber 3

Nothing has changed since Jesus called Lazarus out of his tomb four days after his funeral. No matter how big the problem is, God is bigger still. If you long to see God work in miraculous ways today, you will love this faith-building, life-giving message. Based on the book by Mark Batterson.

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