Saturday, July 16th

We need to decide on a Small Groups strategy. 

Essentially, you have two options for Small Groups: Activate and Sticky Church. I am very familiar with Activate, but not with Sticky Chuch. So, let's read.


Larry Osborne supposedly grew his church through word of mouth without marketing, primarily through sermon-based small groups. This book is about sermon-based small groups. It is divided into the following way:

  • The Sticky Church Advantage
    1. Sticky Church
    2. Who Are These Guys
    3. How I Learned about the Importance and Power of Stickiness
    4. Why Stickier Churches are Healthier Churches
  • How Small Groups Change Everything
    1. Velcroed for Growth
    2. How Small Groups Change Everything
    3. Still More Ways that Small Groups Change Everything
    4. Making the Message Memorable: How Sermon-Based Small Groups Made Made a Much Better Preacher
    5. Making the Message Accessible: How Sermon-Based Small Groups Made Us a Much Better Church
  • Sermon-Based Small Groups
    1. Why Some Groups Jell and Some Don't
    2. Flies on the Wall: What Happens When a Sermon-Based Small Group Meets
    3. Overcoming the Time Crunch
    4. Determining Your Primary Purpose
    5. Entry Points and Escape Routes
    6. Why Dividing Groups is a Dumb Idea
    7. Finding and Developing Leaders
    8. Training Leaders
    9. Why Cho's Model Didn't Work in Your Church
    10. Before You Start: Five Key Questions
  • Appendix
    • Writing Great Questions
    • Sample Sermon Note Sheet and Study Questions
    • Sample Growth Group Covenant
    • End-of-the-Quarter Evaluation Form
    • Leader Training Topics
    • Leader Responsibilities
    • Host Responsibilities
    • A List of New Testament "One Anothers"
  • Study Guide: Follow-up Questions for Each Chapter

If I were to blog on each chapter, this series would be nineteen posts long before I even discussed the appendix material. So I will break it up into four posts (the three overarching sections and the appendix material). Anytime I write for a book, I suggest you please purchse the book and pay due homage to the originators of the material. My blog posts include bullet-point information which will help me discuss the system with my team so we can decide whether to be an Activate Church or Sticky Church.