Monday, January 11th

I was recently asked what resources I utilized to learn HTML and CSS, the absolute basics in web development. Here are four quick ways you can get started learning.

Learning by Doing

This is pretty much mandatory in my opinion. Code Academy is laid out well, encourages you throughout the process of learning, and builds on itself beautifully.
One of my favorite ideas. It is laid out a lot like Code Academy, but has a very active community and 24/7 chat room so you can actually learn with other people. The ambitious goal of this program is to teach you so that you can help non-profits with your newfound skills!
There are other similar online tools, but these two really seem to have a heart for teaching over making a buck.


For practicing your skills quickly, you can always hop over to but you won't be able to link in CSS and Javascript. If you want to do that, I highly recommend your use On Code Pen you can also view other people's projects and look "under the hood" at how it works.


A great resource is Salvatore Gentile's curated list of documentation. Scroll down to HTML and CSS to find the best documentation:
While a large site, and one that shows up first on Google, is generally warned against by web developers as they are sometimes inaccurate as to real web standards--although I use it a lot to get a quick understanding.
Pretty much what most professionals utilize is the Mozilla documentation here:

Learning on the Go

Sololearn Inc has some fantastic free apps for learning a variety of languages, including HTML and CSS. The are simply called like "Learn HTML" and "Learn CSS" They are fun because they give you fill-in-the-blank quizzes, drag-and-drop puzzles, and won't let you pass one section until you complete the prerequisite ones.
What are some of your favorite ways of learning the basics of HTML and CSS?