Thursday, November 12th

After the Plenary Sessions we attended our first breakout.

I attended the breakout hosted by Chase who is planting the 13th church from Kentwood Community Church: Union Christian Church.

Chase's story primarily centers around hearing the Holy Spirit. He tells of when he first heard God speak to him in an unequivocal way. As he walked three miles to and from school in downtown Grand Rapids listening to his Sony Discman, a voice spoke to his heart asking "What would you like to hear next?" Chase answered with a song and the song played on his Discman. This went on and on for quite some until the voice stopped him in his tracks by saying "I'm calling you to e a pastor." The good news was that God also spoke to him by using the example of David and Samuel, which meant Chase still had a chance to do some growing up before he was to step into that calling!

Amazingly, after doing a great deal of research with KCC, they found the ideal spot for a truly multi-ethnic church would be on Burton Street--the exact street God called him to be a pastor on! 

If we don't follow the Holy Spirit, we will always default to what is essentially guessing at what is best.

Jottings from the Group Discussion

  • Journaling is a helpful tool to hearing God. Sometimes I feel like I am God's secretary He is speaking so fast!
  • Am I being aware of doors that are closing and opening?
  • The Spirit sometimes speaks through people.
  • Once a week I find a quiet place to pray. Take something to write with. Take notes.
  • Does God speak to individuals in different ways?
  • What tension does the Holy Spirit create in your life?
  • There is often push-back when the Spirit speaks--Either spiritual warfare or your own flesh.
  • Consider living in the tension. When you rely on the Holy Spirit, that pre-necessitates a giving up of control.
  • As time goes on, we forge the basics of what got us to where we are.

By the way, I couldn't find a website for Union Christian Church, nor Chase's last name. Please comment below if you know either one!