Thursday, June 22nd
Saturday, September 03rd

jQuery Looping Slideshow

Client wanted looping images for a graphic and a free shipping graphic. Voila. The below example uses placeholder images. What I learned was that the function you embed in your transition function is executed after the transition. This, coupled wi...

Wednesday, August 17th

Shopify Category Landing Pages

The customer wanted "landing pages" for each of their products. In Shopify, what you would usually do is simply link to the Collection and all the products in that collection would show up. Or you could show all products in a collection filtered b...

Saturday, July 16th

Sticky Church

We need to decide on a Small Groups strategy.  Essentially, you have two options for Small Groups: Activate and Sticky Church. I am very familiar with Activate, but not with Sticky Chuch. So, let's read. Overview

Saturday, July 16th

The Sticky Church Advantage

This is part of the Sticky Church series. I want to apologize for a small bit of disorganization, it has to do with the subpoints in the Table of Contents mismatching the Headings in each chapter. In the ...

Saturday, July 16th

In Page Search

There are many great ways to learn... but there are two GREAT ways to learn: Trying to apply your knowledge without reference and teaching it to others (or yourself).  I wanted to learn how to do in page search with JavaScript and this is...

Thursday, June 09th

Wiki Getter

This is a simple JQuery app that uses the WikiMedia API to fetch results from Wikipedia. A summary is displayed and an external link to the article. As always, this is a perfectly responsive app which works great on all devices....

Wednesday, June 08th

Create an App Icon in Inkscape

I never understood Illustrator. Photoshop was so much more natural to me. Why doesn't the little paint can fill my shape with a color? The answer to that question and all my frustrations was found in only a few articles of actual research. Once I ...

Tuesday, May 03rd

Roman Numeral Converter

Just a little Roman Numeral Converter I wrote. After doing so much repetition I am SURE I can replace most of this with a single function. Which led me to a cool programming thought: Sometimes you need to build something that works, even if it rep...

Wednesday, April 20th

Weather App

This is a weather app written in JavaScript (JQuery)....

Wednesday, April 20th

Chuck Norris Quote Machine

This is a Chuck Norris Quote Machine I made using JavaScript. I tried to make it look as much like a GameBoy as possible. I am really pleased with the result! I apologize for some of the language. I filtered out as much as I could from the externa...

Friday, February 19th

Subtle Patterns Background Picker

I love Subtle Patterns. But testing them out on your website takes forever! So here is a way to preview those beautiful backdrops instantly. Note: I will show you how this was...

Friday, January 22nd

Light Worship

I recently posed this question to Emily Vermilya, Worship Arts Pastor at College Wesleyan Church: Our worship environment is due for some updating and...

Wednesday, January 13th

Get Rid of Piles in Three Easy Steps

In his flagship work Getting Things Done, David Allen shares life changing perspectives and techniques which will transform your office enjoyment and productivity. That may sound like it is str...

Monday, January 11th

How to Learn to Learn HTML and CSS

I was recently asked what resources I utilized to learn HTML and CSS, the absolute basics in web development. Here are four quick ways you can get started learning. Learning by Doing

Thursday, December 31st

PHP Select Last Item in Array

In my favorite programming language Ruby, there are many intuitive methods to use on Arrays. Unfortunately, in my experience, PHP doesn't have the same intuitio...

Tuesday, December 29th

How I was Discipled through Football

7 Ways Football Discipled Me I had the privilege of playing varsity football for the Climax-Scotts Panthers in high school under the leadership of Kevin Langs. Five years before I started on varsity, we didn't have enough players to comp...

Monday, December 21st

Ruler of the Heart

Colossians 3:15 “And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.” When something or someone rules, all must fall in alignme...

Friday, December 11th

Prayer Encouragements

I just got the music going for a funeral visitation. The man's death was unexpected and the family is feeling the rug pulled out from underneath them. As I got back to my office I returned a call to another family whose world was turned...

Friday, November 13th

The Tapestry Weaver

Thursday morning is prayer time for our church staff. Before praying for the needs of the congregation, we share other things on our hearts. We couldn't help but shed tears over the tragedy of Amanda Grace Blackburn's death and I found mys...

Thursday, November 12th

2015 Multiplication Summit: The Well - Breakout One

After the Plenary Sessions we attended our first breakout. I attended the breakout hosted by Chase who is planting the 13th church from Kentwood Community Church: Union Christian Church. Chase's story primar...

Tuesday, November 10th

Automatically Rename Files for SEO

Did you know that how you name your uploaded files matter to Google Search Results? For more information you can watch the Google WebMaster's video

Sunday, November 08th

2015 Multiplication Summit: The Well

The Tour The Well is located in Ionia, MI and is a plant out of Impact Church led by Dr. Ed Love. Shortly after The Well launched by meeting in a daycare center, First Bapti...

Saturday, November 07th

2015 Multiplication Summit: Intro

Overview The 2015 Multiplication Summit of the Wesleyan Church is an event put on by the Nitrogen Network (the Church Health and Multiplication Department of The Wesleyan Church). This was a three day event from November 0...


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