Personal Life

I was born in Battle Creek, MI on March 2nd, 1987. Interestingly, four hours earlier my wife was born 26.2 miles away in Kalamazoo, MI. My home town is called Climax and rests between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. Climax is a small farming community of around 800 and has been home for the Scramlin family for generations. It's was a great place to grow up--great sports, personal teachers, and the same friends from Kindergarten to Senior Year. But that's not where I stayed.

Instead of making you read this long, drawn-out monologue here are some bullet points that sum up my personal life:

  • I struggled in my Elementary and Middle School years due to some turmoil at home.
  • In Junior High I began getting into drugs, alcohol, and chasing girls.
  • Though I was highly involved in sports and enjoyed academics my Freshman year of High School, I was struggling emotionally.
  • In the Summer of 2002 my football coach got me to go to an FCA Camp and there I took a leap of faith believing that God was real and that Jesus Christ could make me a new person. He did.
  • I began attending First Wesleyan Church in Battle Creek, MI and realized almost instantly I wanted to help other people experience what I did.
  • I excelled in football and was awarded MVP (as well as the more-honorable "Chicken and Hog Award") as our team won the State Championship title for Division 8 at the Silver Dome in Detroit, MI.
  • I asked my Youth Pastor, Tony Myles how he became a pastor. He said he attended Indiana Wesleyan University. So that is the only school I applied for.
  • I attended IWU for 2 1/2 years, left to join Youth With A Mission: Boston, and then returned to finish my degree.
  • After graduation I was an Assistant Pastor at Westview Wesleyan Church, Jonesboro, IN, became the District Youth President for the Indiana North District of the Wesleyan Church, and after 3 1/2 years transitioned to Pastor of Discipleship, Connections, and Leadership at Spooner Wesleyan Church, Spooner, WI.
  • For three years I learned leadership, strategic planning, and change management under a seasoned pastor of 30+ years until I received and accepted the call to become the Lead Pastor of New Journey Community Church.
  • I married the love of my life, Jessica on October 22nd, 2011.
  • Our first daughter, Jenness Elaine was born January 1st, 2014.
  • Our second daughter, Parker Aleigha Scramlin was born March 7th, 2017.

Ministry Life

I experienced a life-transforming encounter with Jesus Christ at fifteen years old. I had hit rock-bottom emotionally and had no other hope outside of Him. In addition to struggling with drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy relationships, I had become increasingly dependent on self-harm to deal with my issues. My young, broken heart was fertile ground for God to come inside and do something new. After praying to receive Christ as my Savior I was given a Bible and an encouragement to read Colossians 3. Once I got started I couldn't stop. I spent the rest of the Summer just me and my Bible. I tore into the index of subjects and absorbed every word. When school started up my sophomore year I joined the weekly Fellowship of Christian Athletes group. It wasn't long before I was leading the teaching at many of these sessions.

Here's how things have played out since Jesus took a broken teen who many had written off as "one of those deadbeat kids":

  • 2002: Receive Christ and begin teaching at FCA. Begin attending First Wesleyan Church, Battle Creek, MI and enter into mentoring relationships with Scott Parker, Tony Myles, and Jennifer Vaughan.
  • 2003: Begin leading Small Group of 12-15 Junior High Boys at The Warehouse. Go on first missions trip to White Mountain, Alaska. Become a part of many volunteering situations such as helping renovate an old church building for Impact Church in Lowell, MI and cleaning at a shelter in Chicago, IL. Life is totally different for me now.
  • 2004: Go on second missions trip to White Mountain, Alaska. By now I am picking up 4-6 students a week to bring them to our youth ministry.
  • 2005: Visited missionary friends in New Zealand. Hung out with Cession Community Church and the Pacific Area Director of The Wesleyan Church. Snowboarded on an active volcano (Mt. Ruapehu).
  • 2005: First year at Indiana Wesleyan University. I felt cramped in a white, upper-middle class environment which seemed to be overly-dependent upon academics than the Spirit. So it wasn't long before my best friend and I went walking into the community of Marion, IN, knocking on doors and asking people how we can pray for them. We made many friends and saw God move in some cool ways.
  • 2006: I become aware of Human Trafficking and along with my Wesleyan Church History class and am greatly affected as lead researcher for the group. We host the first Anti-Human Trafficking chapel services at Indiana Wesleyan University.
  • 2007: Within two years I completed every theology class available at Indiana Wesleyan University and have fallen in love with Patristic Theology and Doctrinal Development.
  • 2008: Joined Youth With A Mission: Boston. Lived with twenty-somethings from six different nations (USA, Canada, England, South Korea, South Africa, and Thailand... Seven if you count Alabama). We used creative arts to reach out to people throughout New England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
  • 2009: Graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with 3.4 GPA.
  • 2009: Considered missions work or inner-city ministry but felt called to the last type of ministry I ever wanted to be a part of: suburban-rural ministry.
  • 2009: Assistant Pastor at Westview Wesleyan Church. Preached about once-a-month.
  • 2011: Voted District Youth President
  • 2012: Became interim Senior Pastor at Westview Wesleyan Church.
  • 2012: Took Pastor of Discipleship, Connections, and Leadership position at Spooner Wesleyan Church.
  • 2016: Became Lead Pastor of New Journey Community Church, Wabash, Indiana.