Thursday morning is prayer time for our church staff.

Before praying for the needs of the congregation, we share other things on our hearts. We couldn’t help but shed tears over the tragedy of Amanda Grace Blackburn’s death and I found myself scribbling some words on my Connections Report. This is what it said…

The Tapestry Weaver

I look through the lens of the cross

And know You’re good.

I remember the promise of Resurrection

And know You’ve made a way.

No one is without hope

There is always a chance.

You’re the Great Tapestry Weaver

Each thread is hard to comprehend.

But when I get to the other side

I’ll see it’s been made Your plan.

I don’t believe in fate

Or lack of choices made.

But I know for sure You’ve seen each step

And offer a trustworthy path.

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