What’s a Potluck?

Oh, you know, it’s when everyone brings something to the table to share! Each week I will answer questions picked from questions YOU send! Eventually, I may do this on a podcast, as well as a written post.

Feel free to ask about “anything” but keep in mind I try to tie everything back to spirituality, relationships, calling, finances, self-care, and health.

Ask Your Question


    Do you include my personal information?

    If I do, it will only include your first name. So, I might write “Stacey asks…” but that’s it!

    Do you store my email address?

    It is technically “stored” along with your question, but I do not do anything nefarious with it!

    Can I ask more than one question?


    Are the questions picked chronologically or at random?


    Will you answer every question?

    I will only answer questions which are within the scope of this blog’s mission, are respectful, and I believe will help others.